Арсенал построен/спущен в 1997г.

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Проект «Арсенал» был совместной разработкой ВМС США и Программы перспективных ис...

Серия DD-21

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Ударные эсминцы с управляемым ракетным оружием класса «DD-21» заменят находящиеся се...

Modern app which really works !
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15.05.2020 11:26


Intistele - vital project which could provide solution for many problems. The mechanism helps to send information without difficulty.

Main part

Due to the fast pulse of our life and especially eager to utilise time - a vast majority of people pick messages because this way of communication is the fastest and the most convenient for modern people. .

Pros and Cons

The usage of IntisTele system has a lot of strengths. For example:

Automatic software. It indicates that there is option not to accomplish various actions for sending SMS. Set the assignment, and the recipients will receive instruction.

Easy in usage. Your task is to log in and top up the balance. Now you are ready to set a task or spread the important information.

Quality and price. It is convenient to be aware of your limit and refill the balance judging from your budget. The quality of send messages will be satisfactory.

The average time of message delivery assembles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (in case area you are located possesses network coverage).


Which optional capabilities are accessible for departments and industries?

Solutions by department

Each company faces such thing as optimization of every single operation. It should be done to satisfy client's needs.

SMS is a great solution for  programmers. Bulk texting system is a effective tool to achieve each marketing goals. For example:

SMS could become an inherent part in the department`s everyday routine. Bulk texting can help:

Software engineers are able to integrate IntisTele API gateway.

Thanks to the function it is possible to send a lot of  SMS, update contact database.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele messages software gives permission for debugging your exclusive program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for C#.

Intis Telecommunication plugins and widgets were created for smoothing integration of most major CMS (Joomla).

Bulk texting commands are a rescue for sysadmins as they are able to establish distant administration and server management.

Notify on time about the issues.

SMS software is instantly updating on the definite server infrastructure performance.

Business owners also could systematize their employees' schedule because of a SMS software. Manage your everyday corporate workflow with the help of  bulk texts.

On the website you can get acquainted an understandable web interface, payment options that will match every wallet and a very attractive affiliate program. Thankfully to bulk texting software:

It is possible to obtain easy access to in-system operations. Two things that are needed for using bulk texting software are the Internet and browser.

You will be surprised by the speed of bulk texting transferring.

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is suitable for offline and online shopping. The SMS software solves a range of problems of different spheres in various industries.

It is a perfect solution for e-commerce. With SMS system there is an opportunity to establish notifications about offers.

Bulk texting software is possible to be used in the beauty industry. It can be applied in beauty salon.

The SMS will warn clients about special offers in the beauty sphere.

Bulk texts software is the best solution boost travel and transport services and make clients have the best experience during their journeys.

Bulk texting is a decision for startups and IT. This integration is crucial for SaaS.

Bulk texting notify to serve security. It is applicable for satellite tracking.

SMS software prices

It is easy to refill your balance and decide the sum of money which you can provide. IntisTele can propose various methods to top up the balance. For example, Paypal.


On the occasion any questions have left concerning the service and how it works, do not zoom back and forth to visit IntisTele FAQ.

Instructions for writing the best SMS

Source: https://www.intistele.com/




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